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Dream Center COVID- RELIEF

The Dream Center of Hampton Roads did NOT take a sabbatical during the COVID pandemic. Because our mission is to restore God’s dreams, we found it absolutely necessary to be available to our brothers and sisters living on the street. We learned quickly that this pandemic not only endangerd their health but also closed the daily resources of shelters and community assistance.

During New Life Church’s week of hosting the CAST shelter outreach, the pandemic struck and forced churches to discontinue an important resource of winter sheltering. Without this resource, our friends were now without both housing and meals. Thankfully, we were able to partner with the Chesapeake Resource Center to provide hotel rooms to a portion of those who participated in the CAST outreach. Dream Center was also able to partner with Mercy Chefs to provide a hot dinner everyday for two weeks to those who used this resource. The greatest part of this story is that Dream Center was able to extend its Employment Residential Program to some of the men and women in CAST and they are no longer sleeping on the streets!!!

Pastor Melvin praying with one of our CAST participants who would later enter the Residential Program for Dream Center!

We are thankful for your support during this pandemic. I truly believe that “What evil meant for bad, God can still bring about good!” Because of this pandemic, we are now restoring the dreams of the disenfranchised not only in Norfolk but throughout other cities in Hampton Roads as well!

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